Now Nisse speaks also in English! | 15 maaliskuun, 2012

You might have seen me rolling around the streets of Joensuu. Now I´m starting a new feature in this blog, witch is shearing my thoughts also in English. I am planning to write in English couple times in a month with the help of my ghost writer. Themes comes from the streets, media, disabilities in fronted impossibilities in life.

I am almost 65 years old fellow from North-Karelia who enjoys good food, social activities and off course lovely girls and fine lads. I drive around the city with my electric wheelchair and spend time with the local youth, and there’s no need to be afraid of me as some are. I´m known for my cheer character! Look the text below.

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  1. You are very international. Next step is that you write your comments in swedish or in germany. 🙂

    kommentti Kirjoittanut Lisbeth — 16 maaliskuun, 2012 @ 8:20 pm

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